Online Shopping For Gamers In India

It’s no secret that video games have the potential to be one of the most expensive hobbies on the planet.  If one were to try and get every new system and every new game for these multiple platforms, they would easily be spending several thousand dollars (in U.S currency or several hundred thousand in rupees) in a very short time.  You can easily browse through a few websites and find a customized personal computer (‘rig’ if you prefer the vernacular) that could cost you more money than a car.

Super Rig

Here, (courtesy of Martin Terber at we can see first-hand just how intense one person can set up their personal computer system.  Applying that much hardware (a multiple monitor system is indeed hard core) to something as simple as playing video games is probably unheard of for the average gamer, let alone the average consumer who would balk at such an expense.  But it does set a bench mark for understanding the kind of price range one wants to commit to.

India has some relatively strong options for making gaming-based purchases online.

  • For sheer reliability’s sake among other things, is an excellent source when shopping for anything video game related.  The customer service and user friendly interface is a huge draw as well.  The prices are highly competitive and this site should probably be bookmarked for any future purchases, regardless of what you’re shopping for.
  • While usually I would support ebay, sadly is not as useful when shopping for video games.  The selection is just not as robust as you can find with and the prices typically hover in a less comfortable area as well.
  • With competitive prices and a decent selection, is a relatively new competitor in the online shopping market but is not half bad.  A worthy site to compare prices with
  • Though at the time of this posting the prices and selection are not as great as snapdeal’s, has a decent selection and pricing for any gamers in India as well as a variety of other items available.
  • Though not as viable for shopping for video game systems, the video games themselves, or generally other technology related purchases, you can go to some other online shopping websites for those purchases based in India regarding clothing, shoes, watches, bags, accessories and the like.  Some decent examples: and or for any of those purchases outside of the world of gaming.

As of the time of this posting, the Xbox 360 was found at the lowest price on for 13,490 rupees!!!