Top 5 Pubs in Mumbai

When it comes to night life, entertainment and places for social drinking, Mumbai may top the list. Mumbai is where the glamour is and that is why, you will find a number of pubs in the city that are not only popular among the local population but even those who visit the city for business, on work or for tourism, frequent these pubs to enjoy a great time. There are many pubs that are quite popular with both young and old, men and women. Here is a list of 5 pubs that is definitely the best places in Mumbai to enjoy nightlife.

1. Olive

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Olive in Mumbai is as well-known, if not more, than the Taj Hotel. Perhaps, when you say pubs in Mumbai, Olive has to be at the top as it is one of the oldest pubs in the city. It is also a favourite of film stars and other celebrities and you can then imagine how priced the venue must be, literally and figuratively. One of the main attractions of Olive is that it is a Mediterranean restaurant and offers a cool and cosy vibe with its soft and white colours and dim lights. The pebbled pathways add to its beauty. We have heard of TGIF or Thank God, Its Friday but Olive has made TGIT popular, which is Thank God, Its Thursday. It transforms into a dance club in the evenings which is quite popular with youth. Music many a day’s plays all through the night. Olive is located at 14 Union Park in Khar.

2. Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn
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Located just opposite Regal Cinema in Colaba, Woodside Inn is what the name suggests. Complete with wooden floors and housed in a heritage building, which is believed to be around 120 years old, Woodside Inn is a popular hangout place for anyone who would like to have a nice time surrounded by great ambience. It also offers free Wi-Fi, thus making it a favourite place for young students to hang out. While they prefer to spend time here in the evenings, you will spot mostly corporate crowd at night. Apart from drinks, Woodside Inn is also popular for its food, especially blueberry pancakes.

3. Toto’s Garage

Toto’s Garage
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It is because of its garage-like ambience that the pub is called Toto’s Garage. Those who like off-beat places and like to hang out in a quirky pub, Toto’s garage is perfect. The body of a VW Beetle hung above the bar sure is the main attraction. The DJ plays inside a Maruti Van, Toto’s Garage is definitely fun. Its Chicken paneer is quite popular. With great food, drinks, cool music and a unique setting, Toto’s Garage is a popular attraction; you can say that for sure looking at how crowded it gets in the evenings. It located at the popular Pali Junction in Bandra.

4. Janata Lunch Home

In a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai where you can find all classes and types of people, it is only necessary that there are places that can be frequented by even ordinary folks. Well, then, Janata Lunch Home is definitely one such place as its name declares so proudly. Though located at Pali Naka in Bandra which also has the top of the clubs and pubs, Janata Lunch Home is for those whose wallets are not heavy. It is an affordable place for drinks and food but at the same time, cheerful and fun. It is a popular hangout for working class people, students and all those who like to have a quiet drink and have some fun without burning their pockets.

5. Aer

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Aer is definitely for the upper-class and is known as the poshest pub in Mumbai. It is located at Four Seasons Hotel situated at Dr. E. Moses Road in Worli and attracts the who’s who of Mumbai’s A-listers. During evenings as the sun sets, Aer is a great place to be to enjoy some quiet time, sipping on your favourite cocktails while the city’s lights shine offering a spectacular and busy life on one side and the serene sea resting on the opposite side. But as night settles in, Aer too gets into the mood and becomes a dancing spot with youth and elders both who like to let their hair down grooving to some great music. Aer, though as posh and sophisticated as it comes, it is also not a snobby club but a fun place to spend some great time with your friends and loved ones.

Mumbai pubs are known for their unlimited spirit, both in the literal and figurative sense, and most of the pubs do not have any strict admission rules. If you can afford it and you like it, you can be one of the crowds, no matter where you are from. Just like Mumbai, the city, the pubs too let you be.